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VAST Platform 2022 (All Versions) Readme

VAST Platform 2022 (All Versions) Readme

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Welcome to VAST 2022
News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates
Distributed Files
Migration Guide
Corrections and Enhancements (11.0.1)
Corrections and Enhancements (11.0.0)

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Welcome to VAST 2022

Design it. Build it. Deploy it.
Create object-oriented software that’s stable, easy to maintain, and deploys smoothly — all from the same comprehensive development environment.

What's New in VAST 2022?

Language & Runtime
-ARM v7, v8 processor support (32 & 64-bit) with JIT compilation

Core Libraries
-Unicode support library (Unicode Standard, Version 14)
-Asynchronous streams & zones
-CRC32C (Castagnoli algorithm)

Development Tools
-Encoding-aware workspaces (UTF-8 / CodePage)
-New Unicode object inspectors
-Enhanced Scintilla editor with support for full-color emoji
-Transcript log text-to-file output
-Compression updates : ZStandard (v1.5.2), Brotli (v1.0.9), LZ4 (v1.9.3), ZLIB (v1.12.0)

User Interface & Visuals
-Windows table widget common control
-Multi-monitor awareness

Communications & Web Dev
-Seaside updated to v3.4.5
-Streamed HTTP content retrieval (with async support)
-FTP/FTPS client

-SQLite update to v3.36.0

-OpenSSL 3.0 cryptography and SSL enhancements (with FIPS)

Version Control
-Tonel Tools framework expanded and improved (v1.5.3)

-Automated build support (ABS)
-Packaging and XD improvements

VAST Installation
-Windows 11, Server 2022 official support

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News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates

Go to '' and follow us on social media for the latest information about the VAST Platform and Instantiations.

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Distributed Files

Product Installer
The product installer installs the Client and Manager components of the VAST product as well as a development IDE setup tool. The Client component contains the VAST development IDE. The Manager component contains the VAST library (source code repository) file and the EMSRV code used to access the repository file in a team environment. There are two versions of the product installer: one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit installations.

Documentation Archive
Uncompress the documentation archive to get a local copy of the VAST documentation onto your workstation.

VAST Runtime
This is the runtime support needed for deploying Smalltalk applications developed using VAST. There is no formal install program for the VAST Runtime. You simply unpack the runtime files and add your packaged VAST application into the resulting directory structure. You must download and unpack the correct VAST Runtime package for your operating system. The files needed to include at runtime are listed in Redistributable Runtime Files. (

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Run the downloaded VAST Platform Product Installer, VASTPlatform2022_11.0.1x86.exe (32-bit) or VASTPlatform2022_11.0.1x64.exe (64-bit). Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at (, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive.

If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first. Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool to configure your environment so you can launch VAST. If you are using the headless installer to install the Manager alone, make sure the directory into which you want to install the manager has been created before starting the headless install. Refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions.

Uncompress the downloaded VAST Product Installer for your platform and your preference for 32-bit or 64-bit. Choose whether you would like to install the full standalone product, or just the client or manager configuration. Before running the Product installer, change directory to where vainstall is.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall standalone in a terminal. sudo ./vainstall also installs standalone.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall manager in a terminal.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall client in a terminal.

Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at (, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive. If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first.

Note: There are special steps for installing on Linux which are documented in the Installation Guide.
Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool
to configure your environment so you can launch VAST.

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Migration Guide

If you have a version of VAST already installed, please refer to the Migration Guide for important information before using VAST 2022.
The Migration Guide can be read online at, or as a pdf ( or it can be read locally if you installed local documentation.

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Corrections and Enhancements (11.0.1)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
64146 [Deployment] Generate stats files for all kind of packaging including XD by default
64641 [Deployment] "Package then Browse Problems..." generating walkback when version is not loaded
64642 [Deployment] should also print app names as the packager UI does
71924 [Core Libraries] skipUtf8Bom logic on unix code page conversion did not get integrated into Abt
71930 [Core Libraries] Fixup UnicodeSupport comments for 11.0.1
71935 [Deployment] Improve performance of EpRuntimeReductionPolicy >> doWithProgressMessage:
71937 [Deployment] AutomatedPackagingSupport - Remove dependency on AbtRunInterfacesApp
71958 [Core Libraries] Update GZIP, ZIP native support library to use zlib 1.12.0
71959 [Core Libraries] Update ZStandard native library to 1.5.2
71961 [Deployment] Implement missing EpHashDictionary >> keys
71963 [Core Libraries] Fix code page conversion to UTF-8 in strict-mode
71965 [Development Tools] Fix EtAbstractMethodsBrowser >> addClassExtension dnu #selectClass:
71971 [Core Libraries] VMprIsAscii optimization for UnicodeString arg
71977 [Development Tools] Fix browsing implementors from class comments pane
71978 [Core Libraries] EsAsyncStackTrace and EsAsyncError should behave correctly with Signal too
71984 [Development Tools] Improve code assist when type annotations include Boolean type
72001 [User Interface & Visuals] Rename "Rectangle" key to "RectangleFunction" in #_PRAGMA_PlatformFunctions
72004 [User Interface & Visuals] Integrate latest CwTable features
72012 [Deployment] Fix some packager warnings in WbApplicationFramework app
72015 [User Interface & Visuals] "Interrupt" button wil print -app_name command line argument as window title
72017 [User Interface & Visuals] Multi Monitor Support Refactor and Fixes
72034 [Deployment] Add version info in
72041 [User Interface & Visuals] centerShell method missing in Linux
72080 [Core Libraries] Fixup OsProcessApp class comments for 11.0.1
72055: [User Interface & Visuals] Progress bars and modals not opening in the active screen

* * *

Corrections and Enhancements (11.0.0)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
48371 [Databases] ODBC/DB2 - Failure in allocateEnvironmentHandle is not reported
49872 [Language & Runtime] Runtime error popup refers to 'walkback.log' file even if the file is not specified.
62825 [User Interface & Visuals] Wrap Windows Table Widget Common Control
63589 [Language & Runtime] Improve SOCKETS linking to libc
65359 [Development Tools] MonticelloImporter autogenerated methods (failedRemove, removing, new, etc) not working on Linux
65459 [Version Control] Algorithm used to compare a shadow compiled method to an EsCompactMethod does not work
65869 [Development Tools] ConfigMap browser - Add Load with required maps and Find in new browser menu items to Required Maps popup menu
67438 [Language & Runtime] Integration of rust crates into CMake build system
67439 [Core Libraries] Implement new UnicodeString Smalltalk class
67518 [VAST Installation] Add a switch to vauninstall script to do not remove dependencies
67538 [Language & Runtime] Bug in EsScanner>>readNumber when scanning $e to build floats representations
67578 [Development Tools] Switch non source code Scintilla editors over to UTF-8 for a richer Unicode viewing experience
67600 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Character Names
67601 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode General Categorization
67602 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Canonical Combining Classes
67603 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Grapheme Properties
67604 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Normalization (NFC, NFD, NFKC, NFKD)
67605 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Text Segmentation
67606 [Core Libraries] Implement UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF32 Encoding
67607 [Core Libraries] Develop streaming and immutable Unicode Views framework
67608 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Equivalence (hash, =, compare)
67609 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Case Mapping (uppercase, lowercase, titlecase)
67613 [Core Libraries] Support for Unicode Reversal
67622 [Core Libraries] Implement copy-on-write for Unicode Strings
67623 [Core Libraries] Fast-Paths for Unicode Strings containing only ascii characters
67627 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode View position objects with internal encoded offsets
67630 [Databases] Postgresql - Pass connection errors back up caller chain and clean up the failed connection in the process
67705 [Core Libraries] Ensure UnicodeString internal storage is null-terminated for efficient FFI handoff
67799 [Databases] Handle deadlock situation in AbtOdbcDatabaseConnection >> fetchNextRowSetFromCursor:ifError:
67874 [VAST Installation] RHEL x64 installer installs glibc x86
67898 [Core Libraries] Add Streams to EsAsynchronousSupport framework
67906 [VAST Installation] Remove readme.htm from product installer
67949 [Development Tools] Removal of out-of-sync Pool Dictionaries can cause EtClassDefinitionCompiler error
67961 [Core Libraries] Implement asynchronous zones
67969 [User Interface & Visuals] WindowBuilderPro should use the same default widget font as the VAST gui system does
67973 [Communications & Web Dev] Add Ldap Auth constants to pool dictionary (ldap_bind_s)
67974 [Language & Runtime] Implement 5 and 6 arg value: and cull: methods on Block/DirectedMessage
68003 [Databases] Oracle - Parameterize the size of the buffer used to read/write LOBs
68044 [Language & Runtime] Add description to native translation failed error to indicate esvm40.bin accessibility
68049 [Core Libraries] ObjectLoader Gpf
68050 [Development Tools] Detect BCpushMagicW in code assist bytecode analyzer
68063 [Language & Runtime] NumberParser values failBlock with different amount of arguments
68066 [Communications & Web Dev] MQ Series doumentation uses False instead of false.
68086 [Development Tools] Add UI Process adapted ensure: method to be used by ABT Attribute to Attribute connections
68104 [Databases] Allow specification to send 'noprompt' setting to DB drivers based on DB connection spec 'promptEnabled' flag
68108 [Databases] Update SQLite for VAST 2022
68110 [Communications & Web Dev] Add PATCH method to SstHttpClient
68116 [Core Libraries] Update ZSTD for VAST 2022
68118 [Core Libraries] Update LZ4 for VAST 2022
68119 [Core Libraries] Update BROTLI for VAST 2022
68122 [Development Tools] Fix "Edit" button on Application Manager
68140 [Development Tools] Show ImageShortName in title bar for SUnitBrowsers
68144 [Development Tools] Add T-Logging feature to Transcript
68148 [Databases] Rewrite Glorp MessageArchiver>>#inspectorVariables so that warning for missing DbgNamedInstVarReference class is silenced
68151 [Development Tools] Fix syntax highlighting for methods containing multiple pragmas
68152 [Core Libraries] Change senders of deprecated abrAsClass to asClass throughout the image
68179 [Development Tools] StsTabbedClassBrowserWin does not understand selectClass:
68180 [Databases] Make AbtOracle10DatabaseConnection>>executeQuerySpecForEachValue:withArrayOfValues:anErrorBlock: return possible error codes
68182 [User Interface & Visuals] Ship Environments and VAST icons with the various products
68183 [User Interface & Visuals] Fix multiple HiDPI problems with GF/ST
68192 [Communications & Web Dev] Support for a Streaming Http Client
68196 [Language & Runtime] esconfig.h ESProductTrialEndDate missing day constant
68206 [Development Tools] Add feature to minimize and restore all Dev image windows
68211 [Core Libraries] Fix regex's #asUnsignedInteger conflict with new Grease
68214 [Additional Libraries] Missing prereq and required map from STON to Grease
68215 [Language & Runtime] Be able to specify abt.cnf filename from a command line argument
68219 [Development Tools] Configuration Map Browser "Copy Description To" should not sort alphabetically
68220 [Development Tools] Changes browser breaks if "copy message representation" attempted on removed method
68221 [Communications & Web Dev] Correct registered url schemes in mail protocols (smtp/imap)
68223 [Development Tools] EtConfigurationMapsBrowser required maps actions break if expressions are not evaluatable code
68232 [Core Libraries] EsFuture class>>on:delayed: mishandles duration times < 0
68241 [Core Libraries] AcoResourceManager defaultStackSize not set correctly on Linux systems starting with 10.0.0
68248 [Databases] Glorp - TextCollector class needs to define PackagerClass instance method
68254 [Development Tools] Adding loadFeatureMapsNamed: support and other helper methods to AbtFeatureLoader
68257 [Development Tools] Fix Dynamic Brace Array visitation for refactorings in Refacting Browser
68258 [User Interface & Visuals] Add HiDPI support to Slider and Progressbar
68265 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix Seaside Hello World and Traffic Light override of #dumperOptions
68269 [Deployment] Double entries for "types" in Browse package images when loading "ENVY/XD Examples"
68273 [Core Libraries] EsTimedWait >> #forSeconds: and #forMilliseconds: should also allow non integers numbers
68274 [Communications & Web Dev] Port Seaside 3.4.5
68312 [Security] VAST 2022 OpenSSL Currency
68352 [User Interface & Visuals] Add retry mechanism to allPrinterScreenInfos when invalid printers detected
68359 [Core Libraries] Update Character>>#isDigit comment
68361 [Communications & Web Dev] More robust SstUnixSocketDemultiplexor>>#removeRead:
68364 [Communications & Web Dev] More robust String >> sstUrlDecode:
68366 [Core Libraries] Add #flattened and #flattenOn: to Collection
68367 [Core Libraries] Add SequenceableCollection >> #pairsCollect:
68370 [Communications & Web Dev] Reimplement #whenTimeoutInMilliseconds:do: using Futures
68383 [Development Tools] Add the Automated Build System to the base
68384 [Development Tools] Add the standard image Automated Build System to the base
68385 [Deployment] Add the XD Automated Build System to the base
68386 [User Interface & Visuals] Windows Table Widget Common Control Enhancements
68389 [Core Libraries] Enhance task scheduling for asynchronous framework
68395 [Communications & Web Dev] MQ should also look for 64 bits libs on Linux
68396 [Databases] Oracle - AbtOracle10Cursor>>#allocateAndPrepareOSMemoryForParameters:ifError: has memory leak
68402 [Communications & Web Dev] JavascriptVASTCoreApp and SeasideVASTJSONCoreApp have empty class extensions
68404 [Language & Runtime] ScaledDecimal compare and subtract change it's operand value
68405 [Version Control] Em relative-path libraries fail to retrieve max library size on Windows
68411 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix default SNI hostname to use DNS hostname instead of URL host/port mapping
68415 [Databases] Move AbtOracle10DatabaseConnection>>#ociSetAttr:type:inContext:contextType: up to AbtOracle8DatabaseConnection
68421 [User Interface & Visuals] EwTableList>>#verticalMargin should always return an Integer
68428 [Development Tools] Add EtCodeWindow>>selectedMethods and move DbgDebugger>>ringBell up to EtCodeWindow
68435 [Language & Runtime] Fixed loading working images with size >2G
68437 [Language & Runtime] Windows - Signal ZeroDivide exception when dividing by 0.0
68438 [Communications & Web Dev] FTP/FTPS Support for VAST 2022
68450 [Communications & Web Dev] Create Feature for FTP/FTPS
68451 [Communications & Web Dev] Create Examples for FTP/FTPS
68452 [Communications & Web Dev] New API: SciSslSocket>>sstAsSciSocket - supports downgrading ssl sockets
68466 [Core Libraries] Implement GraphemeView on UnicodeString
68467 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeScalarView on UnicodeString and Grapheme
68468 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf16View on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68469 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf8View on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68470 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf32View on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68474 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Scalar Properties
68475 [Core Libraries] Implement new UnicodeScalar Smalltalk Class
68476 [Core Libraries] Implement new Grapheme (extended grapheme cluster) Smalltalk Class
68477 [Core Libraries] Implement copy-on-write for UnicodeView copy and contents APIs
68478 [Core Libraries] Cache Ascii Graphemes
68482 [Communications & Web Dev] Can not load XDSeasideTrafficLightPackagingInstructions into dev image without loading Seaside as well
68483 [Core Libraries] Fast-Paths for Unicode String known to be in NFC normalized form
68484 [Core Libraries] Implement FFI support for UnicodeString arguments
68498 [Development Tools] Scintilla editors ignore code font weight/italics modifications
68503 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString API to specify minimum storage capacity
68504 [Core Libraries] Allow relevant Unicode prims to accept ASCII String/Character objects
68519 [Databases] AbtOracle8DatabaseConnection>>#ociSetAttr:type:inContext:contextType: refs inacessible method
68521 [Core Libraries] Fix Deprecation class comment
68523 [Core Libraries] Optimize UTF-8 validation using SIMD instructions on x86/x86_64
68527 [Core Libraries] Update ReadStream/WriteStream to avoid O(n2) if streaming over UnicodeString
68530 [Development Tools] Fix SwitcherVastInstallation does not understand removeMissingReleases bug
68540 [Development Tools] Allow getting senders of an unimplemented message
68545 [Core Libraries] Optimize ASCII validation using SIMD instructions on x86_64/Aarch64
68546 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString creation from possibly invalid utf8 bytes
68547 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString creation from possibly invalid utf16 bytes
68548 [Core Libraries] Implement internal-use-only mutable views for UnicodeString
68551 [Core Libraries] Optimization: Fast-Path for Unicode String containing only single scalar ascii graphemes
68553 [Development Tools] Add new features for Automated Build Support and Automated Build Support, XD
68556 [Development Tools] Add conversion methods for 860-922 to 110 level (latest)
68565 [User Interface & Visuals] Fix Typo in WindowsPlatformFramework class>>#_PRAGMA_PlatformFunctions
68567 [VAST Installation] Add debian OS support to linux installers
68578 [Development Tools] Fix 'String does not understander logger' walkback
68579 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString API to shrink storage capacity
68581 [Development Tools] Add logging of startup process to Environments log
68588 [Core Libraries] Implement CRC32C (Castagnoli algorithm)
68591 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode vm primitives for Collection conformance
68592 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString substring searching using Unicode Equivalence
68604 [Language & Runtime] Unloading IC's crashes the image
68609 [Core Libraries] Optimize UnicodeString ascii substring searching using SIMD (AVX) instructions on x86_64
68611 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString creation from possibly invalid utf32 bytes
68612 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString creation from utf16 little/big endian
68613 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString creation from utf32 little/big endian
68619 [User Interface & Visuals] Integrate latest CwTableWidget
68622 [Development Tools] Fix revertToSave behavior for hard-coded EtWorkspace instances that use a scintilla editor
68624 [Core Libraries] Allow Unicode Views on generic Byte Objects (String/ByteArray)
68626 [Core Libraries] Windows CodePage Converter can fail to convert in strict policy mode
68628 [Core Libraries] Add asUtf8, asUtf16, asUtf32 APIs to String/ByteArray
68629 [Core Libraries] Modify String>>, to accept UnicodeString argument
68632 [Development Tools] Guard against invalid parse trees in EtClassDefinitionCompiler
68639 [Deployment] Re-enable packager logging for VAST 2022
68640 [Deployment] logMessage:bench: prints milliseconds but actually those are seconds
68643 [Core Libraries] Move EsCodePageUtilitiesApp to CodePageSupport subapplication of Kernel
68649 [Core Libraries] Cache Latin-1 Unicode Scalars
68651 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf16LittleEndianView on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68652 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf32BigEndianView on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68653 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf16BigEndianView on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68654 [Core Libraries] Implement Utf32LittleEndianView on UnicodeString, Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
68658 [User Interface & Visuals] Wrong window positioning in Raspberry Pi OS / LUbuntu
68661 [Development Tools] Implement ANSI/CodePage/UTF encodable scintilla workspaces
68665 [Databases] Db2 getRowCount call is returning a 32bit value instead of a 64bit value on VASTx64
68671 [Deployment] Packager's computation should be configurable via a new EpCreateProblemsFile
68672 [User Interface & Visuals] WindowBuilder changes widget size and position upon saving in HiDPI window
68676 [Development Tools] Allow changing environment name and VAST release
68678 [Core Libraries] Implement UTF-16 validation API
68679 [Core Libraries] Implement UTF-32 validation API
68688 [Deployment] EpLargeDictionary and EpLargeIdentitySet default #new value and EpHashDictionary initialize value should be configurable
68695 [Deployment] Use #largeDictionary instead of #smallDictionary for EpImage instVar "instances"
68696 [Deployment] Speedup "Examine & FIx Problems" step in the packager
70705 [Core Libraries] Implement UTF-16 Surrogates query API
70708 [Additional Libraries] Add Character >> isLiteral to GreaseVASTCoreApp
70710 [Core Libraries] Asynchronous Library currency
70729 [User Interface & Visuals] Table Widget: custom colors & font for cells & header
70730 [Core Libraries] Implement bidirectional streaming on Utf16 Views
70731 [Core Libraries] Implement bidirectional streaming on Utf32 Views
70732 [Core Libraries] Implement bidirectional streaming on Utf8View
70733 [Core Libraries] Implement bidirectional streaming on GraphemeView
70734 [Core Libraries] Implement bidirectional streaming on UnicodeScalarView
70739 [Version Control] Integration of Tonel-Tools release v1.5.3 from Github into VAST 2022
70745 [Development Tools] Fix code completion performance regression in allMethodSelectorsDo:
70746 [Development Tools] Increase performance of Code Assist application prereq computation
70750 [Core Libraries] Add Collection >> #removeAllSuchThat: as well as #ifEmpty: and similar methods
70755 [Core Libraries] Fix upToAll: API for OsReadPipeStream and EsCompressionReadStream
70756 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode ReadStream adapter
70757 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode WriteStream adapter
70758 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode ReadWriteStream adapter
70765 [Deployment] Create XD feature for FTP
70771 [Development Tools] Fix Smalllint: Methods equivalently defined in superclass
70782 [User Interface & Visuals] Implement Color Fonts and Emoji when DirectWrite is enabled on Scintilla editors
70786 [Deployment] Create XD feature for Mail
70788 [Documentation] Document EsAsynchronousStreams modules
70790 [Core Libraries] Ensure scalar alignment in select Unicode views
70791 [Deployment] Improve packager error message when there is an "Execution Error"
70799 [Documentation] Unicode Class/Method Doc and Examples
70812 [VAST Installation] Add rpm arm installers
70814 [Databases] Fix broken Error handling in VADatabaseAccessor >> #basicExecuteSQLString: returnResult: binding: doing:
70816 [Language & Runtime] Add ARM Linux runtime support
70818 [Core Libraries] Provide API for Unicode Standard version implemented
70820 [Communications & Web Dev] Disable decoding of uploaded files in SstHttpServletRequest
70834 [Core Libraries] Create UnicodeScalars to/from escaped string
70835 [Core Libraries] Create Grapheme to/from escaped string
70836 [Core Libraries] Create UnicodeString to/from escaped string
70849 [Communications & Web Dev] Add streaming chunk size option to SstHttpAssemblerPolicy
70856 [Core Libraries] Implement Unicode Component Et and Sts Inspectors
70857 [Core Libraries] Add TTYOutput* primitives for writing UnicodeScalar/Grapheme/UnicodeString to console
70858 [Core Libraries] Implement enhanced debugger inspection for UnicodeScalar/Grapheme/UnicodeString
70867 [Core Libraries] Disallow subclassing of Grapheme or UnicodeScalar
70869 [Development Tools] StsScintillaEditor on image save remembers codePage, zoomLevel and workspace language

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